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Expense a benefit outside the YourCampus app

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To give you more flexibility in spending your budget, we have introduced introduced the Benefit expense feature. This option in the YourCampus app allows you to use your budget on a benefit outside the app, like your local gym or tennis club membership.
When you submit an expense, the amount will be deducted from your budget and paid out to you by your employer. Your employer might have policies in place for the types of costs you can expense. Make sure to check this before submitting your expense.

Please note:

  • The Benefit expense feature might not be available to you, it is only enabled upon your employer's request.

  • Please make sure to update the YourCampus app to the latest version, otherwise the expense option won't be visible to you.

How to submit your benefit expense:

  1. Open the YourCampus app

  2. Tap the 'Submit a benefit expense' button

  3. Choose the budget you would like to use

  4. Fill in all the fields in the form (a receipt or invoice is required)

  5. Send your expense for approval

  6. Your budget will be deducted instantly

  7. Your employer receives your request and will approve or decline it

    1. You will receive email notifications about any status changes for your expense

  8. If approved, your employer will transfer the expensed amount to you.

One off vs. Monthly expenses

When submitting the form you can choose between a 'One off' and 'Monthly' expense.

  • One off expense:

    • This will result in a single deduction from your budget and a single pay out by your employer.

  • Monthly expense:

    • This will result in a monthly recurring deduction from your budget and a recurring pay out by your employer.

    • When opting for monthly you will need to select the period to which the expense applies. The monthly budget deduction will automatically stop when the selected time frame came to an end.

    • Make sure that the invoice or receipt you provide matches the selected time frame.

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