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In some cases your team members would like to make use of a benefit which is not available in the YourCampus app, like a membership at their local gym or tennisclub, or a screen bought from a home office budget. The Benefit expense feature is designed to make to make it super easy to keep track of expenses claimed from different budgets.

The Benefit expense feature is not enabled by default. If you would like to offer this option to your employees, please reach out to support@yourcamp.us. Please also share in this email who will be the Approver of expenses.

We recommend you to also create clear guidelines on which costs can or cannot be expensed and share this with your team. Also make sure to include how long it takes before an expense will be paid out to the employee.

Administrating the Benefit expense feature

  1. Your employees submit their requests in the YourCampus app

    1. The expense amounts are automatically deducted from the employee's budget

  2. An email is sent to notify you of new expense requests

  3. All expense request are made available in the Expense section of the YourCampus Portal

  4. You can approve or decline the requests

    1. When you decline a request, you can leave a comment providing context to the employee.

  5. The employee receives a status update via email

  6. You can export the approved expenses and share this with your Finance team for payment

One off vs. Monthly expense requests

When submitting the expense form your employees can choose between a 'One off' and 'Monthly' expense:

  • One off expense:

    • This will result in a single budget deduction budget and a single pay out by you as the employer.

  • Monthly expense:

    • This will result in a monthly recurring deduction from the budget and a recurring pay out by your as the employer, for the time frame selected by the employee.

Expense Approver

In order to make use of the Expense feature an 'Approver' email address must be defined. This approver will receive email notifications when a new expense is submitted. The approver email is also the only email address which can be used to view expenses in the YourCampus Portal. We recommend to use a shared email address like people@company.com or finance@company.com for this purpose.

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