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By setting up the integration between AFAS and YourCampus you will achieve following:

  • Employees in your AFAS Profit account will be added to YourCampus

  • Any mutations in AFAS (on and off-boarding of employees) will automatically be synced with YourCampus on a daily basis.

This integration grants YourCampus 'Read-Only' access to your AFAS account.

Setting up the integration

To set up the integration you will need to complete the following steps, each step is outlined in detail in this article:

  1. Create a System User for the YourCampus integration

  2. Create a New User group with the appropriate access levels

  3. Place the newly created System User + your own AFAS user in the User Group

  4. Creation of custom fields (optional)

  5. Create two new GetConnectors by importing templates (for Employees and Contracts)

  6. Create App Connector

  7. Share App Connector Token and Profit ID with YourCampus.

Required fields

The following information is synced via the GetConnectors:

  • Email (Mail)

  • First Name (FirstName)

  • Last Name (BirthName)

  • Prefix (PrefixBirthName)

  • Termination Date (EmploymentEnd)

  • Department

  • YourCampus Access

Optionally custom budget fields

  • Date of Birth (DateOfBirth)

  • Hire Date (EmploymentStart)

Step 1: Create a new group for the YourCampus integration

  1. Go to General > Management > Authorization tool

  2. Go to the tab Group maintenance

  3. Go to New

    1. Name the Group, for example YourCampus Group

    2. Click Finish

Step 2: Create a System User for the YourCampus integration

  1. Go to General > Management > Authorization tool

  2. Go to the tab User maintenance

  3. Go to New system user

    1. Name the User, for example 1234.YourCampusAPI

    2. Give access to the “Profit Windows” in the Access section

    3. [optional - only if you have an AFAS Accept subscription]
      Give access to the “AFAS Accept” in the Advanced section

    4. Skip the email field in the last step

    5. Click Finish

1) Adding the System User

Navigate to the following section: General > Management > Authorization tool

( Algemeen > Beheer > Autorisatie tool )

Then from the toolbar: User -> New System User ( Gebruiker -> Nieuwe systeemgebruiker )

Fill in the user and description fields (ex. 12345.YourCampusAPI) and give access to the “Profit Windows” and, if an AFAS Accept subscription is active, "AFAS Accept" section on the next step. You can skip the email field in the last step.

In the Authorization (Autorisatie) tab go and Activate the following HR -> Employee - Employee MSS -> Filters -> HR Employees -> Alle Medewerkers

( HRM -> Medewerker -> Medewerker MSS -> Filters -> HR Employees -> Alle Medewerkers)

2) Adding the System User to the YourCampus Group

In the authorization tool add in the Group Maintenance (Onderhoud groepen) tab select the YourCampus Group.

In the Users in Group (Gebruikers in groep) tab add the newly created User to the group by clicking on the New button.
PS: If you cannot add the user to the group, make sure to select 'manual' instead of 'fill based on function'

YourCampus Custom Field

This step is required when not all of your employees should have access to the YourCampus benefits.

1) Adding the Custom Field

Navigate to the following section: General > Management > Management tool

( Algemeen > Beheer > Management tool > Employee > employee )

Import the custom field as supplied by YourCampus

(SHA256 210cf1d48d407c1c3e3b1d0791593d23d0b810ca5f418043e0f0a8d98fb520aa)

After setting up the field go to the Tabs (Tabbladen) tab and add a new tab called “YourCampus” and drag the “YourCampus” Custom field to the right side.

The authorization tab will open, make sure your admin users have the maintain permissions enabled on the new field.

2) Using the Custom Field

Note: The system might request to restart in order to apply the tab and field.

Navigate to the following section: General > HR > Employee > Employee

(General > HR > Medewerker > Medewerker )

Select an employee and scroll to the YourCampus tab where you can check or uncheck the new field.

Optional: Assigning varying budgets

If you would like to vary the YourCampus budget assigned to employees, this can be achieved by adding custom field(s) in AFAS to indicate per employee what the budget is that she should receive. Follow the instructions in this article to set this up.

YourCampus GetConnectors

In order to get the necessary employee data we will need to import the GetConnectors provided by YourCampus.

Note: Make sure you have the import permissions otherwise you will need to recreate the GetConnectors with the addition of the YourCampus custom field.

1) Download and import the YourCampus GetConnectors from the following link

(SHA256 6ef06f85c36c11558bfa3227c25bd1ba435acfacb13e5979c26e245b72e7b7b9)

(SHA256 52cd634741dd4a8a2645783226ef29b5961d1b12ad3e5162214cdab21eb23b24)

Navigate to the following section: General > Output > Management > GetConnector

(Algemeen > Uitvoer > Beheer > GetConnector)

Click on the Import (Importeren) button and add the file downloaded earlier.

Note: If you are missing the import button please follow the following official guide on how to enable it

2) Create an App connector

Navigate to the following section: General > Management > App connector

(General > Beheer > App connector)

  1. Click the New button and add a description “YourCampus App connector” and associated to the group indicated at step 1) - YourCampus Group

  2. Toggle Automatic token generation (Automatisch token genereren)

  3. Use the existing YourCampus Group and the YourCampus API user you created in step 1 and 2

  4. In the GetConnectors tab click the New button and add the previously imported GetConnectors (Profit_Employees_YourCampus and Profit_Contract)

You will finally be redirected to a Generated Token screen. Here you can copy the code and securely share it afterwards with YourCampus together with your AFAS account id (ex. 12345).

Ex. <token><version>1</version><data>610C51AE2FFE4B2C8E33D5A5EB163E12735C72A44D98C278C5E7B5B560079BC1</data></token>

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