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What is a monthly benefit?

The YourCampus monthly benefit is a feature that allows you to allocate a specific amount from your budget towards a monthly subscription or service offered through the platform. The monthly benefits available to you are confirmed by your employer and can vary depending on your company's offerings.

Monthly benefits in the YourCampus app, they are marked with a "Monthly" tag like below:

Budget deduction

When you choose a monthly benefit in the YourCampus app, your budget is deducted at the time of selection, and then on the 1st day of each month until your subscription is canceled or ends.

If your subscription starts or ends in the middle of the month, the budget deduction will be prorated. This means that you will only be charged for the number of days your subscription is active during that month. For example, if your subscription starts on the 15th of the month, you will only be charged for half of the monthly cost. Similarly, if your subscription ends on the 10th of the month, you will only be charged for the days up until that date.

Cancelling a monthly benefit

For more information on how to cancel a monthly benefit go to the "Cancelling a monthly benefit" article. Cancellation process is specified within the YourCampus app for each benefit.

If you have changed your mind about signing up with a monthly subscription after selecting it in the YourCampus app, please contact our support team via the YourCampus in-app chat.

We also outlined cancellation policies for the frequently used monthly benefits such as:

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