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  • What is a monthly benefit?

A monthly benefit is a subscription based benefit which you can fully or partly (depends on your budget) pay for, using your Recurring budget. For example a ClassPass or Swapfiets subscription. In most cases* it is possible to pay for subscription partly from your YourCampus budget.

*For Swapfiets benefit it is not possible to cover the membership partly with YourCampus budget. For example: If you receive €20 per month in your budget, you can only select Swapfiets Original bike subscription, as your budget has to cover subscription cost in full.

  • Can I save up budget for recurring benefits?

It is not possible to use saved budget on recurring benefits. For example: If you receive €25 per month in your budget, then that is the maximum amount which you can spend on recurring benefits.

If the total amount of your subscription is not fully covered by your budget, outstanding amount will be deducted from your bank account on a monthly basis.

  • How can I select a benefit?

To select a monthly benefit follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the YourCampus app

  2. Click on the benefit your are interested in and read "How it works" section

  3. Select budget amount you would like to contribute towards your membership

  4. Confirm selection

  5. Your budget is now being deducted and further instructions are sent to your email address known to YourCampus

  6. Check your inbox and complete registration with selected partner

Budget will be deducted on the day you select the benefit and then on the 1st of each month.

  • I selected a monthly benefit, but I don't want to complete registration with a partner.

If you changed your mind and do not wish to complete your registration, let us know as soon as possible so we can stop your budget deduction. If you don't contact us, budget will keep getting deducted.

If you contact YourCampus and ask for a refund later than 30 days after you select the benefit in the app, your budget will only be refunded for one month.

Eg.: Your selected Trainmore benefit on 01.09, but did not complete registration with Trainmore. If you contact us after 30.09 your budget will only be refunded for 1 month and not for the whole period.

  • I want to cancel my membership with YourCampus partner

If you would like to stop your subscription/membership with our partner, contact YourCampus at support@yourcamp.us. Please note that cancelation notice period differs per benefit. This information can be found in the relevant benefit "Pricing" and "How it works" sections.

  • My employment contract ends. What will happen to my membership with YourCampus partner?

In most cases* your membership will be cancelled and you will receive an email from our partner with cancellation details.

*For Swapfiets subscriptions the process is different. Your business subscription will be switched to a personal one as soon as your employment contract ends. In this case you can keep the bike, but you will be charged directly for your membership.

If you can't find the answer you are looking for here, feel free to reach out at support@yourcamp.us

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