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In this article you will find the following information:

By setting up the integration between NMBRS and YourCampus you will achieve the following:

  • All the existing employees in your NMBRS account will be added to YourCampus

  • Any mutations in NMBRS (on and off-boarding of employees) will automatically be synced with YourCampus on a daily basis

It is good to know that this integration grants YourCampus 'Read-Only' access to your NMBRS account, which means we never adjust any data in your NMBRS account.

In order to define which employees need to be synced, YourCampus checks the Employee Type field and takes an action:

Employee type



Onboard the employee to YourCampus

Former Payroll

Off-board the employee from YourCampus

Requirements to set up the integration

Please take the following requirements into account before setting up the integration. If in doubt, please verify with your accountant/NMBRS administrator if you have the right access:

  • Access to NMBRS with one of the following login types:

    • Client Login ('Klantlogin')

      • All Templates provide sufficient rights to set up the integration.

    • Company Login ('Bedrijfslogin')

    • Please note: These are the only login types supported to set up the integration.

  • All NMBRS Companies you would like to sync to YourCampus need to be part of a single Debtor ('Debiteur') in NMBRS. If this not the case, please contact admin-support@yourcamp.us or your Customer Success Manager for support.

  • If you have access to multiple companies in NMBRS, you can use the User Template feature in NMBRS to filter for which companies employee data is to be synced with YourCampus:

  • I am an accountant, can I setup the integration for my customer?

    • The integration is optimised by NMBRS for customers to set it up. Therefore an email address can only be used once per integration. The next time this email address is used for another integration, the first integration connection will be lost.

Steps to set up the integration

  1. Request your unique NMBRS integration link via admin-support@yourcamp.us

  2. Open an incognito window

  3. Visit the integration link provided by YourCampus

  4. Login to your NMBRS account

  5. Select the profile which will grant access to the data

  6. Click 'Allow' to enable the integration

  7. If successful, you will be directed to a 'Congratulations' screen

  8. YourCampus Support will be automatically notified and perform a dry run of the data

  9. After you confirm the data synced is correct, the integration is enabled.

Optional: Selective syncing of employees

If you would like to selectively sync employees, this can be achieved by adding an extra field in NMBRS to indicate if an employee is eligible for YourCampus or not. Complete these steps to set this up:

    1. Field name: yourcampus_access

    2. Field type: yes/no

  1. Update the field for the employees in NMBRS to match the required setting

  2. Optionally a field for splitting users across multiple companies:

    1. Field name: yourcampus_filter

    2. Field type: text/string

Optional: Assigning varying budgets

If you would like to vary the YourCampus budget assigned to employees, this can be achieved by adding extra field(s) in NMBRS to indicate per employee what the budget is that she should receive. Follow the instructions in this article to set this up.

Which data is exchanged between NMBRS and YourCampus?

The following data will be retrieved per employee:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Business email (or private email upon request)

  • Birthday

  • Work anniversary date

  • Contract start date

  • Contract end-date

  • Employment type

  • Salaries (upon request)

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