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By setting up the integration between BambooHR and YourCampus you will achieve following:

  • All the existing employees in your BambooHR account will be added to YourCampus.

  • Any mutations in BambooHR (on and off-boarding of employees) will automatically be synced with YourCampus on a daily basis.

Setting up the integration

  1. Create the BambooHR login for YourCampus get the API Key.

  2. Setup the key and share it with YourCampus via an encrypted secret sharing service (1password, onetimesecret.com, etc).

  3. YourCampus triggers the user sync every 24 hours.

Creating a BambooHR API Key for Integration

The following instructions will show you how to create a new API key in order to start setting up an integration with YourCampus.

Creating an API key for your Integration

Log in to Bamboo HR as an administrator. You'll want to create a dedicated user to support the integration, with Custom Level access and preferably read only.

Additional Custom Field

If not all the employees who are in BambooHR need to get access to YourCampus (For example, due to team location or position) a custom field needs to be added. If all employees in the BambooHR system will receive a YourCampus account, you can skip to “ Set up a non employee user “

In order to set up this custom field you need to contact BambooHR customer support, this can be via email or chat, and request the following:

  • Add a field called “yourcampus_access” (please make sure it is written all the same as the example).

  • Add the field to the job tab.

  • Make the field to be true or false.

When the field is added, please select true for all employees who need to get access to YourCampus.

Set up a Non-Employee User

  1. Log in to BambooHR as a manager.

  2. In the action menu go to Access Level tab and select “Add a Non-Employee User” (as shown below in the example).

  3. You will then be able to enter the first name, last name, birthday and email address (optional YourCampus access) of the user.

  4. Once you create the user, you can assign them to the Custom Access Level.

Create the API Key

Now the non-employee user is created, the next step is to create an API key for the integration.

  1. Log in as the non-employee user, this way the API key will only have the same access as the non-employee user you created.

  2. Navigate to your profile picture in the top-right corner of your account and select "API Keys." (As show as the example below).

  3. Click “Add a New Key”, The access allowed by each API key is based on the Access Level of the user who generated it.

  4. Click "Show" to show the entire API key.

  5. Copy that value into a notepad or text application.

  6. Share this API key via an encrypted secret sharing service (1password, onetimesecret.com, etc) with your Customer Success Representative at YourCampus.

Custom Access Level

The final step is to assign the view the Custom Access Level view only to the following fields:

  • FirstName

  • LastName

  • Work Email

  • Birthday

  • yourcampus (additional field)

To do so please follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings > Access level > All.

  2. Click on the custom access level you have created.

  3. Click on “Access Level Settings”.

  4. Then toggle the fields to view for the basic info.

  5. Toggle the “yourcampus”x field (when you decided to add this at step 1).

Which data is exchanged between BambooHR and YourCampus?

The following data will be retrieved per employee:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Business email

  • Private email (if business email is not available)

  • Birthday (if applicable)

  • yourcampus

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