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By setting up the integration between Loket and YourCampus you will achieve following:

  • All the existing employees in your Loket account will be added to YourCampus

  • Any mutations in Loket (on and off-boarding of employees) will automatically be synced with YourCampus on a daily basis

This integration grants YourCampus 'Read-Only' access to your Loket account.

Setting up the integration

  1. Request the Loket integration email via support@yourcamp.us

  2. Visit the link provided in the integration email

  3. Login to your Loket account with an Administrator role

  4. Click 'Toestaan' to enable the integration

  5. If successful, you will be directed to a 'Congratulations' screen.

Which data is exchanged between Loket and YourCampus?

The following data will be retrieved per employee:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Business email

  • Birthday

  • Termination Date

  • Gross salary

I have access to multiple companies in my Loket administration

If you have access to multiple employers in Loket, you can contact YourCampus to select which employers should be synced.

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